The King's Ring

July 6th -July 7th 2019

The King's Ring

July 6th -July 7th 2019

The King’s Ring in Herøy, Norway

Come and enjoy the Viking pageant, «The King’s Ring»!
July 6th and July 7th, 2019

We are happy to welcome you to the exciting drama unfolding at Herøy, a small island off the western coast of Norway.
On the outdoor stage, with the Atlantic on one side and the fjords on the other, we’ll take you back to the time of the feared Vikings.

Herøyspelet Kongens Ring («The King’s Ring») is about love – and conflicts between generations and religions – actual themes even today.

According to the press this is one of Norway`s best historical plays.

About 200 actors take part at the Herøy Amphi theatre. In addition, a semiprofessional orchestra and a choir participate on stage – that`s why the pageant is also often presented as a “Viking musical».

Though historically not quite correct, the script is based on a visit that King Olav Haraldsson (Saint Olaf) made to the island of Herøy in 1027. This is described in the writings of the Icelandic historian Snorre Sturlason (1179–1241).

The play is performed at the beginning of July every year.


Saturday, July 6th
13:30 Herøyspelet «Kongens Ring»
17:00 Herøyspelet «Kongens Ring»

Sunday, July 7th
11:00. Ecumenical mass at the old Herøy church ruins

13:30 Herøyspelet «Kongens Ring»
17:00 Herøyspelet «Kongens Ring»

The play lasts approximately 1,5 hour.


The Herøy Pageant takes us back to a few summer-days in the Herøy of almost a thousand years ago. We meet the fair Unn, the daughter of Ragnar Herøyhovding and Inga. The fair Unn is betrothed to Ingolv Ynda, a much respected young man in Herøy. But the fair Unn’s heart beats for the Viking Møre-Karl, or Karl of Møre, who is altogether a rougher sort of character and who has recently spent his time pillaging and looting along the coast of Møre.

Møre-Karl is on Herøy to meet his rival Ingolv Ynda and to decide once and for all who the fair Unn is to marry. The conflict comes to a head in armed combat between Ingolv and Møre-Karl. Just at that moment Olav Haraldsson , the king himself, arrives with his ships and his men, and puts a stop to the combat before it has really begun. The king avoids an open confrontation between his own men and those of Møre-Karl by declaring his council open and thus binding over everyone to keep the peace for its duration.

The king has difficulty in collecting his taxes from the Faroe Islands, and while he is on Herøy the “clairvoyant” tells him that yet another tax-collector has been killed over there. The king appoints Karl as his new tax-collector – an appropriate punishment after all the havoc he has caused. Karl wants to take Unn with him on the dangerous trip, but she refuses – she has to consider the “little one” who is soon to arrive. So Karl heads west accompanied by Batolv, his squire, with the gloomy prophecies of the “clairvoyant” still ringing in his ears. Life on Herøy returns to normal after the disturbances and the visit of the king. Then one day a messenger arrives from the Faroes…


Adults 400.-
Child 200.- (From 7 – 16 years)
Weekend pass adult 500.- (Allows you to see the show several times)
Weekend pass children 300.-
Groups from 10 persons, get 10 % discount. Please see below.


Direct sales at the entrance of the Herøy Amphi Theatre. (ATM machine available).
Unnumbered seats only.

For groups of more than 10 person, please contact us for reservation, discount and other special offers like food, arrangements, transportation etc. We can also help you regarding tips for sightseeing, hotels etc.


The island Herøy is situated close to the small city of Fosnavåg, south of Ålesund.
Visitors will be transported to the island either by boat from the parking lot at Mjølstadneset near Fosnavåg, or shuttle bus from the parking lot at Stokksund School in Tjørvåg. Parking and transportation are free of charge.

The transportation starts apx. 1,5 hrs. prior to the performance, and continues as long as there are passengers left on the island/museum area.

Food and beverage for sale at the Herøy Coastal Museum, from where there is at 7 minute walk to the Herøy Ampfi Theatre.

There are toilet facilities at the Herøy Coastal Museum, but please note: not at the stage area.

At the stage area there are water bottles, sunscreens, small pillow,raincoates etc. for sale.


The area around Herøy has a lot to offer. A nearby destination is the island Runde with the southernmost bird cliff in Norway. Other sights are Ålesund and the famous Geirangerfjord. Please check The Offical Touristguide on Geirangerfjord, Ålesund and Sunnmøre for further tourist information in English.